About us

In case you are not familiar with the Rocking & Stomping website, host of this mailorder service, here's a very short summary of ourselves and activities in the past.
We are Dick Waanders and Riya Melgert, residing in Almelo, The Netherlands.

Dick: Music is my passion since around 1960. Authentic Rock & Roll and Blues fascinated me early in my life and I'm still caught by them. Collecting records started at the same time.

In 1967 I compile my first sales list of records that I have twice or don't like. In 1972 I open a small record shop in Hengelo. Mailorder sale, started in 1967, grows rapidly and becomes a serious mailorder service - Diwa's Record Club - with customers all over the world.
My own record company - called Diwa Records - is the third leg of my enterprise.

My ambition has never been getting rich. I wanted to make music lovers happy and supply them with the music of their heart.
Another - still valid - goal is to handle and pack the records with as much care as possible, to ensure they arrive in prestine condition at the customer.

Many gems are gone now, but I'm in the proces of adding special kept items, newly arrived records and more used records in good condition. So you may (again) find something you like.

It appears that vinyl records are not going to disappear in the near future, so any investment in these wonderful items will be worthwile.

Dick Waanders
Januari 2016