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Ivory Joe HunterJerry McCainFreddy HubbardJerry Butler

  Artist Title Label & Nr. Origin Year Price
  5 Red Caps Lenox Avenue jump Krazy Kat Eng 1983 E
  Agee, Ray Black nights is gone Mr R&B 105 Swe 1983 E
  Agee, Ray Tin Pan Alley Diving Duck 4301 Ned
  Armstrong, Louis Gold MCA 202 368 Ned 1980 B
  Barrelhouse Straight from the shoulder (live 1984) Munich BM 150250 Ned 1984 E
  Bell, Jimmie Stranger in your town JSP Eng 1979 D
  Belvin, Jesse Memorial album ACE Eng 1984 E
  Bennett, Duster 12 db's Line/Outline Ger 1983 D
  Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows One track mind Red Lightnin Eng 1982 E
  Bland, Bobby Blues in the night Ace Eng 1985 E
  Boyd, Eddie
& Ulli's Blues Band
Hand in hand Blue Angel BA-1 Ger 1978 D
  Brooks, Lonnie Bayou lightning Sonet Alligator Eng 1979 E
  Brooks, Lonnie Turn on the night Sonet Alligator Eng 1981 E
  Brown, Andrew Big Brown's Chicago Blues Black Magic 9001 Ned 1982 F
  Brown, Charles Drifting blues Score (1957) Fra 1983 F
  Brown, Charles Sunny road Route 66 Swe 1978 E
  Brown, Charles & Hjärtslag I'm gonna push on! Stockholm Swe 1980 E
  Brown, Gabriel 1944 - 1952 Krazy Kat Eng 1983 E
  Brown, Gatemouth Alright again Pool International Ger 1981 D
  Brown, J.T.
and his Boogie Boys
Rockin' with J.T. (1945-52) Krazy Kat Eng 1984 E
  Brown, Roy Saturday nite Mr R&B Swe 1982 E
  Brown, Ruth Brown sugar Topline 136 Eng 1985 D
  Brown, Ruth Takin' care of business Stockholm Swe 1983 E
  Brown, Savoy Highway blues See For Miles Eng 1985 E
  Chairmen of the Board A.G.M. H.D.H. (Demon) Eng 1985 E
  Charles, Ray Ain't it so London Eng 1979 E
  Charles, Ray Tell the truth Charly R&B Eng 1984 D
  Collins, Albert Ice cold blues Charly R&B Eng 1986 D
  Collins, Albert Ice pickin' Sonet / Alligator Eng 1978 E
  Cooke, Sam You send me Koala 14249 USA 1979 C
  Copeland, Johnny Make my home where I hang my hat Demon Eng 1982 E
  Copeland, Johnny Texas twister Demon Eng 1984 E
  Covay, Don Sweet thang Topline Eng 1985 D
  Crayton, Pee Wee Rocking Down On Central Avenue Ace CHA 61 Eng 1982 F
  Crosby, Bob Mourning blues / Accent on the Bobcats Affinity Eng 1985 E
  Dameron, Tadd & Fats Navarro Live at the Birdland 1949 Musidisc Fra
  Dixon, Floyd Houston jump Route 66 Swe 1979 E
  Dixon, Floyd Opportunity blues Route 66 Swe 1976 E
  Dorsey, Lee Working in the coalmine Line Ger 1982 D
  Dozier, Lamont Bigger than life Demon-Megaphone Eng 1983 E
  Dr. John I been hoodood Edsel Eng 1984 E
  Dr. John Such a night - Live in London Spindrift Eng 1984 D
  Dr. John The brightest smile in town Demon Eng 1983 E
  Dunham, Andrew Detroit blues volume 2 Krazy Kat Eng 1984 E
  Dyke and the Blazers So sharp! Kent Eng 1983 E
  Egan, Willie Going back to Louisiana Ace Eng 1984 E
  Eldridge, Roy Tippin' out Affinity (2-LP) Eng 1985 F
  Elliot, Jack & Derrol Adams America - Folkland songs
Folk, Blues, Ballads, Minstrels
Joker 3767/2 (2-LP) Ita 1975 G
  Frost, Frank Ride with your daddy tonight Charly R&B Eng 1985 E
  Garner, Erroll King of the jazz piano Meteor Eng 1985 D
  Gayten, Paul & Annie Laurie Creole gal Route 66 Swe 1979 E
  Gillespie, Dana Blue job Ace Eng 1982 E
  Glenn, Lloyd Blue ivories Stockholm Swe 1984 E
  Green, Candy Lady in red JSP Eng 1981 D
  Guitar Slim and Jelly Belly Carolina blues Arhoolie R2005 USA
  Higgins, Chuck Is a Ph.D (a pretty heavy dude) Rollin' Rock 020 USA 1979 E
  Honeydrippers Volume one Esperanza Ger 1984 E
  Hooker, John Lee Boogie chillun Fantasy (2-LP) USA
  Hooker, John Lee Everybody rockin' Charly R&B Eng 1980 D
  Hooker, John Lee No friend around Red lightnin 003 Eng 1975 E
  Howling Wolf All night boogie Blue Moon Eng 1984 D
  Howling Wolf The legendary Sun performers Charly 30134 Eng 1977 F
  Hubbard, Freddie & Ilhan Mimaroglu Sing me a song of songmy - That's Jazz Atlantic Ger 1976 F
  Hunter, Ivory Joe 7:Th street boogie Route 66 Swe 1977 E
  Jaap Dekker Boogie Set Honky tonk train arrival EMI Ned 1974 D
  James, Elmore Got to move Charly R&B Eng 1981 E
  James, Elmore The ressurection of Musidisc Fra
  James, Harry Two o'clock jump Meteor Eng 1985 E
  Jordan, Louis Look out sister - unissued film soundtracks 1944-48 Krazy Kat Eng 1983 E
  Jordan, Louis Reet petite & gone Krazy Kat Eng 1983 E
  King Curtis That's alright Red Lightnin 0042 Eng 1983 D
  King, Albert Albert Tomato 6004 USA 1978 E
  King, Albert King Albert Tomato 6002 USA 1977 E
  King, Albert New Orleans heat Charly R&B Eng 1984 E
  King, B.B. & Bobby Bland Together for the first time ABC 27 410 XT (2-LP) Ger 1974 H
  King, B.B. & Thornton & Waters Live at Newport Blue Moon 002 Eng 1984 D
  King, Mike Plays the real boogie woogie Stompin boogie 1006 Ned 1969 H
  King, Saunders What's your story morning glory Blues Boy Swe 1982 E
  Kirkland, Eddie Pick up the pieces JSP 1033 Eng 1981 D
  Knight, Gladys & the Pips I heard it through the grape-vine #Pickwick-Motown USA
  Leace, Donald & Carol Hedin At the Shadows Franc LPF-0001 USA
  Lee, Julia & her Boy Friends Ugly papa Jukebox Lil Swe 1983 E
  Liggins, Joe & his Honey Drippers Darktown strutters ball Jukebox Lil Swe 1981 E
  Lightnin' Hopkins Good times Koala USA 1979 C
  Little Ceasar Lying woman goodbye baby Route 66 Swe 1983 E
  Little Jr. Parker Blues man #Minit USA
  Little Willie Littlefield Happy pay day Ace Eng 1985 E
  Love, Preston Strictly cash Saxophonograph Swe 1982 E
  Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra Let it roll MCA USA 1982 D
  Mabon, Willie I'm the fixer Flyright 580 Eng 1981 E
  MacLead, Doug No road back home Making Waves Eng 1984 E
  Mahal, Taj Taj Mahal Edsel Eng 1985 E
  Mayfield, Percy My heart is always singing sad songs Ace Eng 1985 E
  Mc Neely, Big Jay Deacon rides again Imperial (1950-53) Fra 1983 F
  McCain, Jerry Choo choo rock White Label Ned
  McVea, Jack & his All Stars Open the door Richard! Jukebox Lil Swe 1984 E
  McVea, Jack & his orchestra Come blow your horn Ace Eng 1985 E
  Memphis Slim Anthologie du Blues vol. 3 Vogue CLVLX. 323 Fra   E
  Memphis Slim So long America Fra
  Memphis Slim The real boogie woogie Folkways FG 3524 USA 1960 H
  Memphis Slim The real folk blues (1966) Chess Fra 1982 F
  Memphis Slim & Alexis Korner Rock me baby! (1960) Black Lion Eng 1965 F
  Milburn Jnr, Amos You used me Mr. R&B Swe 1982 E
  Mooney, John Comin' your way Blind Pig 779 USA
  Neville, Aaron Make me strong Charly R&B Eng 1986 E
  Norris, Chuck The Los Angeles flash Stockholm Swe 1981 E
  Otis, Johnny The new Johnny Otis show Sonet Eng 1981 E
  Preston, Don Sacre blues! Rag Baby Eng 1981 E
  Price, Sammy Blues & boogie Jazz Legacy 53 Fra 1981 E
  Price, Sammy Play it again Sam Whiskey Women & Swe 1984 E
  Rawls, Lou & Les McCann Sings and plays Stormy Monday See for Miles Eng 1985 E
  Red Beans & Rice Live at the Dublin Castle Ace Eng 1983 E
  Rev. Gary Davis I am a true vine Heritage gospel Eng 1985 E
  Robillard, Duke and the Pleasure Kings Duke Robillard and the Pleasure Kings Demon Eng 1984 F
  Rocking Dopsie & Cajun Twisters Big Bad Zydeco Sonet SNTF 851 Eng 1980 E
  Roomful of Blues Dressed up to get messed up Demon Eng 1985 F
  Ross, Diana 20 golden greats Motown Emi Eng
  Rushing, Jimmy with the Count Basie orch Good mornin' blues Affinity Eng 1985 E
  Sam & Dave Can't stand up for falling down Edsel Eng 1984 E
  Silver Tones One chance with you #Blind Pig 002-77 USA 1977 F
  Simpson, Eddie & Marcell Strong Two soul chiefs Red Lightnin 0039 Eng 1983 E
  Slim, Tarheel Too much competition Sundown Ned 1985 F
  Smith, Willie “The Lion” The memoirs of RCA (2-LP) Fra 1968 H
  Son House Death letter (1965) Edsel Eng 1985 F
  Spann, Otis Candid Spann vol. 2 Crosscut Ger 1983 E
  Spann, Otis Nobody knows Chicago like I do Charly R&B Eng 1983 E
  Sunnyland Slim Blues Band w. Carey Bell Decoration day L + R Ger 1980 E
  Swamp Dogg I'm not selling out / I'm buying in! Sonet Eng 1981 E
  Swamp Dogg Unmuzzled Charly R&B Eng 1983 E
  Sykes, Roosevelt The original honeydripper #Blind Pig 005-78 USA 1978 F
  Tasby, Finis Blues mechanic Ace Eng 1985 E
  Taylor, Ted Keep walking on Charly R&B Eng 1980 E
  Terry, Sonny Whoopin' the blues Charly R&B Eng 1986 E
  Thomas, James Son Delta blues classics Swingmaster 2102 Ned 1981 D
  Tinsley, John Sunrise blues Swingmaster 2104 Ned 1981 D
  Toussaint, Allen Southern nights Edsel Eng 1985 E
  Turner, Big Joe Every day I have the blues Cleo Ned
  Turner, Big Joe Rock this joint! Magnum Force Eng 1984 D
  Turner, Ike and Tina Show Live Edsel Eng 1985 E
  Turner, Joe Singing the blues Bluesway (MCA) Fra 1982 E
  TV Slim Flat foot Sam Moonshine Bel
  U.S. Bonds, Gary Dedication EMI America Ned 1981 F
  U.S. Bonds, Gary On the line EMI America Ned 1982 F
  Various Blues at the farmhouse Munich Ned 1984 D
  Various Blues Deluxe (Live 1980 Chicago) Sonet SNTF 859 Eng 1980 E
  Various Blues men 1 Transatlantic Spa 1978 E
  Various Chicago jump JSP Eng 1979 E
  Various For dancers also Kent 002 Eng 1983 E
  Various For dancers only Kent 001 Eng 1982 E
  Various Going down to Louisiana White label Ned
  Various Groove jumping! Detour 003 Eng 1983 F
  Various Hot chills and cold thrills Kent 023 Eng 1984 E
  Various If it's not a hit I'll eat my hat Ace Eng 1985 F
  Various Live in London Ace CH91 Eng 1984 E
  Various Living Chicago blues 4 Sonet Eng 1980 D
  Various Meat and gravy from Cadillac Baby vol. 2 Red Lightnin 0020 Eng 1978 E
  Various More devil's music Red Lightnin 0038 Eng 1983 E
  Various Original rhythm 'n' blues Chess Fra 1984 D
  Various Out came the blues (1934-1939) MCA USA 1982 D
  Various Out of bad luck Flyright 590 Eng 1983 F
  Various Rare blues - The Takoma Blues series Sonet Eng 1980 E
  Various Right back where we started from Kent 039 Eng 1985 E
  Various Sun - The roots of rock Vol. 7 Sun blues Charly Eng
  Various Sun - The roots of rock Vol. 6 Sunset soul Charly Eng
  Various Texas rhythm and blues Ace Eng
  Various The blues guitar album JSP Eng 1982 D
  Various The piano blues vol. 21 Unissued boogie 1938-45 Magpie Eng 1984 F
  Various The piano blues vol. 5 Postscript 1927-33 Magpie Eng 1978 F
  Various The soul of black music 1 Sonet Eng 1979 E
  Various The soul of black music 2 Sonet Eng 1979 E
  Various Today's Blues Arcade/Sonet SNTF 971 Ned 1986 F
  Various Underground blues United USA
  Various The Blues & all that Jazz - Jazz heritage series MCA 1353 (1937-1947) USA 1982 F
  Various: Sarah Vaughn & Billy Eckstine; Dinah Washington & Brook Benton Passing strangers; The two of us Mercury 6641 868 Eng 1978 G
  Walker, T-Bone Sings the blues (1950-52) Imperial Fra 1983 F
  Waters, Muddy King bee Blue Sky Eng 1981 E
  Waters, Muddy Mississippi rollin' stone Blue Moon Eng 1984 C
  Waters, Muddy Rare and unissued Chess Fra 1984 E
  Waters, Muddy Sings Big Bill Broonzy Chess Fra
  Watson, Diz Rhumbalero Ace Eng 1984 E
  Wayne, Wee Willie Travelin' mood (1951/55) Imperial 2C 068-83.294M Fra 1982 F
  Williams, C.Q. & Dave Collett Back to boogie woogie Black Lion Eng 1982 E
  Williams, Lester Dowling street hop Krazy Kat Eng 1983 E
  Witherspoon, Jimmy Who's been jivin' you Ace Eng 1983 E
  Womack, Bobby Home is where the heart is Edsel Eng 1986 E
  Z.Z. Hill A man needs a woman Topline Eng 1985 D